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Movie Title Breakup


Found this video on in their Movies News section. The video was made by a Brooklyn, New York based Internet  comedy troupe POYKPAC Comedy. You can find them on FaceBook at Writer-Director-Editor Ryan Hunter.

I think this was very well done. Its evident Ryan Hunter took his time choosing every line carefully. Some of these movies are before my time and I had never heard of them (I do watch old movies, love them, even the old bad effects). I liked the video so much I had to share. I will say this though, while I like the added movie posters for each movie title used, I find it very distracting in the middle of the screen. That’s really the only thing I can find wrong with this video 🙂

So what do you guys think ?


The power of words!


The power of words is a remarkable thing. Words can save a life, help a friend, hurt the hart, lift your spirits, tear you down, transport you to new worlds, teach you something new. Words are powerful, its all in the way you use them. Choose your words carefully and change the way others think. I found this video very touching, moving me. If you believe in the power words can hold pass this on!

My artist of the day 1/24/12 : Kirsten Lenpore (Sweet Dreams)


My artist of the day 1/24/12 : Kirsten Lenpore (Sweet Dreams)
I have always loved stop motion animation. You can fallow the link to the original blog and watch the video.

Chai Kadai

The previous post was a sand creature passing on messages in a bottle to snow creature. This is another interesting stop motion animation called Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore again (yes, we like him) where a cup cake travels to vegetable land, builds houses, becomes a muffin, meets a sweet squash potato, becomes a nudist and travels back to his desert land.

9 mins, 57 s, animation, 2008

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