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Prologue part 2


So I thought I would Post the second part of my prologue. the first is in my post from yesterday : Information overload/ Nuclear war

I am very happy with my first draft prologue, it is also the first prologue I have written. I hope you all enjoy it!

Prologue part 2

“Jim, I miss the kids.” she is crying, it seems like she is always crying.

“I know Nora, I do to. The kids are safe with your sister in the colony, we are lucky they got in.” Jim holds her as they watch the news. They always watch the news about the war, its being called by some World War III.

“Things are getting worse Jim, I’m afraid we wont see them again.”

“We may not, but it is better for them with you’re sister. With her at least we know they will live and have families of there own. If they had stayed with us, If they where here now they wouldn’t be safe.”

“I know, I herd what the President said. What if he is wrong, what then?” she starts to sob without control, all she wants are her babies home, her life back the way it was before the war.

“Then they come home and we can be a family again. You should be happier Nora, they are safe, if the President is right our children live.”

“And we die Jim, how is that fare. We don’t get to be there for them, watch them grow, how can that be fare to them or us?”

“Its not Nora, it just is. There wasn’t room for us, we are lucky they let your sister take the kids.”

Nora stands and walks to the window, rubbing her locket between her fingers, opens it to look at the photo of her kids inside.

On the TV. “The President gave no comment today when asked about possible nuclear retaliation.” Jim shuts the TV off.

The ground and walls start to quiver, then shake violently. “Jim, you have to come see this. I think there’s bin an explosion.”

Jim never made it to his wife’s side, Didn’t see the smoke rise high into the air as a massive mushroom shaped cloud after the impact, gray smoke and fire glowing red, orange, and yellow. He didn’t see buildings falling as the shock wave headed toward them, ruble go flying as fires ignited. Jim can hear screams all around him, he can hear Nora only feet from him and loudest of all are his own screams before everything gets quiet, and dark, just go’s blank.

Jim and Nora are the lucky one’s, it was over quick for them. More people further away survive long enough to know what happened to them. Further still they live to feel their insides die, get violently sick, maybe grow tumors, but still die. The unlucky live, They have long term affects but with no one to care for them they die as well sooner or later.