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When I first decided I was ready to write a book it was suggested to me that I join a locale writers group. At the time I only found one, and it wasn’t for me. I can’t remember what style they wrote in, but it had to be that one, but I don’t write in their style. So I settled for online groups, but it’s not personal. Yes I got some good advice, and took heed of what most told me. However I also got comments that told me I should not post a thing because I wasn’t experienced enough, my work unpolished. Reading comments like that made me think ‘But How am I supposed to learn from this if all you have to say is I need to learn more before posting. How do I improve without critiques?’. So I recently decided to start my own group in my area, and open to writers of all forms. So I posted an ad on Craigslist. As of now including me there are three members. Our first meeting is Sunday June 2nd at Barnes and Noble in Webster, NY 7PM. I am  proud of my self for taking this step, for putting my self out there and starting this group. I don’t have a name for it, I don’t have a set meeting schedule, and we are few in number, but it is started. I have taken another step forward, a step closer to my dreams. Even if my group stays small, if it fails, or we gain more members, no matter what I know I tried my hardest. I can be proud in the fact that I did my best.

I want to invite all writers in my area to join us.

Barnes & Noble in Webster NY

Sunday June 2nd at 7PM

Every writer needs constructive feedback. I chance to learn what areas they are strong and weak in. The opportunity to converse with other writers. Find their voice. become a better writer.

I have read many blogs, books, and posts in online writers groups. But nothing can beat that personal connection. I look forward to my first meeting with great excitement.


About artfulhelix

I'm a mother to three beautiful boys, 8 years, 2 years, and 1 year old, all there birthdays in April with mine (very busy month). I am a wife to a wonderful man who supports every thing I want to do. I have 10 piercings and 11 tattoos, more tattoos coming soon. I am an artist, painting, tattooing, sculpting (haven't done that for a long time), poetry, and a few small crafts. As an artist I felt writing was the next logical step for me. I am enjoying every minute of it, writing, blogging (never thought I would blog), and critiquing. I not only want to talk about my book and the writing proses, but art in general in my blog. I would like to share a poem I wrote a few years ago, but is so me. I came up with it when a very old woman came up to me on the side walk and said " Do you know you are going to hell?" laughing a little inside I said "No, why am I going to hell?" "Because you have desecrated the lords temple with all your piercings and tattoos!" She looks so serious when she said this. I said "I'm not desecrating, I'm decorating!" well that made her mad of course, and she stomped off. later I wrote this: You look at me that way in disgust and disdain I’m pierced and tattooed I must be insane But who are you to judge when you kneel down and pray Just because our beliefs are not the same We are not so different you and I for we are all the same when we die This is nothing against religion, merely about judgment in general. Can't wait to share more of what I love and who I am.

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  1. Excellent that you’ve started your own group. That way you can decide what you want out of the group and set ground rules yourselves. The group I belong to is more support and discussion. We have a forum to post work for critique.

    • That was big for me, making the group what I wanted. The groups in my area are limited, but I wanted a group open to all forms of writers. It is more support and discussion, I would like to have a place to post works and comments, and for others to join. I have no idea how to do that.
      Is your group just on line or in person as well? I feel being able to meet in person once or twice a month gives us a more personal connection. Give use the chance to get to know one another, and share work without taking good advice the wrong way.

      • We meet up once a month or so. It is good to get together with fellow writers and chat about what we’re doing. We always come away invigorated and ready to get some serious writing done.

        We set up our own blog and you can use private posting to communicated *behind the scenes*

        We were all on the same creative writing course and still have a forum we sometimes use for posting stories etc. I must admit we are less about critiquing our work and more about supporting and chatting at the moment.

        I hope you enjoy shaping your group and you get out of it what you want.

      • Thanks Pete. It sounds like you have a great group. I thought having a meeting once a month would be to little, but it sounds like it works for your group.

        After our first meeting I did come home ready to write, excited about the possibilities. We are a very small group right now, but it’s enough to start, 3 including me. I loved getting the chance to talk to other writers in person. I have no one at home that fully understands. My husband can’t help it, he is a computer geek. I am really glade I started it even though I don’t really know what I am doing, but its off to a really good start. I want it to be mostly about support, but I do find critiquing to be helpful, fresh eyes on your work.

        How did you make the blog so that only the group members could access it? If you don’t mind me asking. That sounds like a great idea, easier then emailing back and forth.

      • I set up the blog and invited the other members as editor/contributor depending on what access level you want them to have.

        When you post on wordpress you have the option near your Publish button called visability. When you click edit you can make it private. Then only people you’ve set up as editor/contributor can read it. Provided you each click the notify me of follow-up comments via email you all get to communicate that way.

        I don’t know whether you can post .doc .rtf files on the comments but you can post exerts or do a private post with your story and the rest of the group use the comments to critique.

      • That is awesome! Thank you. I think it would be a wonderful way for us to communicate and see each other’s work. Thanks so much, I had no idea that could be done. Your awesome!

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