Artist of the day 2/23/12: Graffiti 3: Jules Muck


Artist Jules Muck

Muck was born in England, and raised in New York. She started doing graffiti in Europe and Great Britain. In the 90’s she began bombing in New York, where she was discovered by Lady Pink. Lady Pink took her under her wing as an apprentice for the next four years.

Muck has been published in Ganz’s Graffiti Woman, Cey Adam’s Definitions and both of the Murrays books Burning New York and Broken Windows. After moving to LA she added her first name Jules to the Equation. She has shown at Lab Art Gallery and the Rivera Beach area, where she lives and has a studio.

Jules Muck lives to paint and paints to live, every day, for life.

probably about 75% of the photos I found for work is green. I think it is safe to say she really likes green. But that is only my conclusion, I could be wrong. 🙂

Muck was Quoted saying in an interview with Ark Collective “I never planned to be an artist. I was actually not into art at all as a teenager, but I did do graffiti. Most of the time I used to go out and try to wreck murals and stuff, and put my name everywhere. Slowly, by doing it over and over again, my name got more and more intricate. Over time, this woman who is an artist in the Bronx took me on as her apprentice. I just did it because I wasn’t thinking, and I kind of became her right hand man. She showed me how to make money as an artist and make a living that way. Basically she gave me the confidence to do it since I never thought it was a possibility, and it worked out really well.”

muck certainly has come a long way since her teens. she has shown at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Fuse Gallery in New York, the Pacific Design Center in LA, the Stephen Cohen Gallery, and all over the streets. No big deal as she pumps out 1-6 paintings a day. “All I do is paint. Everything else has fallen by the wayside. I used to write, I used to read, I used to try and play music but now I just obsess over the painting 24/7.” says Muck.

Muck’s work


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