Artist of the day 2/21/12: Graffiti 2: SABER


Simply SABER

The Artist

Graffiti is a widespread form of art and fast becoming a recognized in the art community. If you ask me it should have always bin that way! I know for a large part graffiti has been used by gangs, that could be why it wasn’t recognized before. But the way some individuals have chosen to look at it is better, the world is there canvas. What they create is intricate, moving, aw inspiring, and some of the most beautiful work out there.

Saber is one of thousands of people who make up the graffiti community around the world. Few names carry the same legendary Quality as Saber. The Washington Post described him as one of “the best and most respected artists” in his field.

Saber was born in 1976 in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale. He was raised by creative parents, discovering his passion for art at an early age. When he was 13 his cousins introduced him graffiti when they took him to see the spray paint-covered Belmont Tunnel. That single moment changed his life, he was hooked. He honed his skills on local walls, he joined MSK, and was later inducted into legendary piecing crew AWR.

Saber was already a fixture in Los Angeles graffiti scene by 1997 when he completed the largest graffiti piece ever created. His piece on the sloping cement bank of the Los Angeles River was nearly the size of a professional football field, it took him 35 nights to complete and 97 gallons of paint. The piece catapulted Saber to legend status in the graffiti world.

In 2002 Saber began exhibiting his fine art. His monograph, SABER: MAD SOCIETY, complete with stories of his graffiti misadventures, was released by Gingko Press in 2007 and is now in its second printing. In October 2010, SABER released a video in which the year’s heated debate about health care was spray painted over the American flag. While some saw it as desecration, Saber advocated for health care reform in the video, revealing that he had epilepsy and was uninsurable. This work led Saber to create a large group of American flag paintings called the Tarnished series. I have added a photo of this installation.

In 2011, Saber’s solo show, The American Graffiti Artist opened in New York to great acclaim. Additionally, his art was featured in two museum exhibitions, Street Cred at the Pasadena Museum of California Art and MoCA Los Angeles’s blockbuster Art in the Streets.

View his web page with Bio (where I got most of my information), gallery and lots more at

SABER’s work



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  1. This guy’s work is fantastic and I love the way you are presenting these posts, the bios and histories and opinions really make such a good read – great how you don’t just reblog but make these posts your own – i look forward every day to see what you come up with

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