Artist of the day 2/6/12 : Photo Manipulations By Andreea Cernestean


Artist of the day 2/6/12 : Photo Manipulations By Andreea Cernestean

 Now the blog this work comes from is not by the artist, but a similar blog to my own. They showcase artist, but not in the same way as I do. They do artist that are well know, where as I do mostly artist that I find here on word press, unknown artist to most. This is a good blog to follow as it has very good artist, whimsical, fun, fanciful, and so on. They give detailed accounts of the artist, where they where born, when they where born, the things you would want to know about them. Now this is something I can’t really do considering I search for artist and don’t get the chance to talk with the artist befor posting there work. It is my way of helping other artist get noticed by everyday people.

 Go and take a look at what this blog has to offer, you will enjoy it!

 Look for my post later today, a rewrite of my prologue for “Helix”.

 Have a beautiful and art filled day, remember to look around you, beauty is everywhere.


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