A wall we must pass


As writers we all struggle with writer’s block now and then. Not only when writing a novel, but when writing poetry, and short stories. Not only writers get that big wall blocking there path. Artist of all kinds have this problem. This will help with any mental wall you have, rether you are a writer or a painter, no matter what form of art you do. I have read up on many ways to pass that mental block, and discovered a few on my own I would like to share.

Writers block has many coses. We get tiered and try to force ourselves to write, never a good thing. Our mined is clouded by other thoughts and problems making it impossible to focus. What ever the reason for your writers block, I have a few tips that may help. Most of the time we are the ones standing in our own way. It is up to us to crash through that wall , no one can do it for us. Here are a few simple ways to move past writers block and get something on the page.

1. If you are tiered don’t try to write. You will only end up beating your self up in the end, and more exhausted then before you started. Go take a nap or get a good nights sleep. For your mind to flow it must be rested.

2. If you have to much on your mind there is no room for ideas to form. Take the time to clear your mind. Salve your problems by dealing with them or working through them. Write them all down and how you can salve them. At least you are writing.

3. Go for a walk and clear your mind. Observe your surrounding, admire the flowers, the texture of the tree bark, the cracks in the side walk. Look at your world from a writers point of view, how would you describe your world to your readers. Don’t forget to take a note pad and a pen with you, just encase an idea hits you, or to simply write down and describe what you see. This can be a good way to clear your mind and start writing. Even if what you are writing has nothing to do with the project at hand its a good exercise.

4. Some times it is best to just walk away and come back later. Go have a cup of coffee with a friend, yes I know you have coffee write there, but being write there isn’t helping. You can sock in a hot bath, relaxing your body will help relax your mind. What ever you decide to do during that time take your mind off your writers block.

5. Just write. It doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t have to make any sense at all just write. Write about your writers block, why you have it, how frustrating it is. Write about the bad or good day you had the day before. Write about your family, friends, people you don’t like. It is perfectly alright to go on a rant, this is just for you. Describe the room you are siting in, or again what you see when taking a walk. It doesn’t matter what you write about just write. I have used this trick my self.

So five simple ways you can use to break down that mental wall. Remember you are the one standing in the way, no one else can do it for you.

Let me share The poem I ended up writing when I was going to blog about my writers block. Funny writing a poem about how I can’t write, the irony is hilarious!

I am stuck in my head

what a sad place to be

words run round and elude me

Images flash by

some real some only mine

I stomp I scream I let it all out

I wish for peace but scramble about

Where have you gone o muse of mine

am I to stay here for all time

am I to run round desperate to fly

if only you’d come lift me to the sky

if only I could catch those thought that fly by

I sit and wait hands full

I sit and wish for only you

you fill my mind

yet my hands sit idly by

How long shall I roam

unable to return home

o muse where have you gone

I beg you wont you come

Make my idle hands fly

across my keyboard words wont come

still I site and wait for you to return


About artfulhelix

I'm a mother to three beautiful boys, 8 years, 2 years, and 1 year old, all there birthdays in April with mine (very busy month). I am a wife to a wonderful man who supports every thing I want to do. I have 10 piercings and 11 tattoos, more tattoos coming soon. I am an artist, painting, tattooing, sculpting (haven't done that for a long time), poetry, and a few small crafts. As an artist I felt writing was the next logical step for me. I am enjoying every minute of it, writing, blogging (never thought I would blog), and critiquing. I not only want to talk about my book and the writing proses, but art in general in my blog. I would like to share a poem I wrote a few years ago, but is so me. I came up with it when a very old woman came up to me on the side walk and said " Do you know you are going to hell?" laughing a little inside I said "No, why am I going to hell?" "Because you have desecrated the lords temple with all your piercings and tattoos!" She looks so serious when she said this. I said "I'm not desecrating, I'm decorating!" well that made her mad of course, and she stomped off. later I wrote this: You look at me that way in disgust and disdain I’m pierced and tattooed I must be insane But who are you to judge when you kneel down and pray Just because our beliefs are not the same We are not so different you and I for we are all the same when we die This is nothing against religion, merely about judgment in general. Can't wait to share more of what I love and who I am.

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