My artist of the day 1/29/12 : My 8 year old son


My artist of the day 1/29/12

 My 8 year old son, Clifford.

 My son loves art just as much as I do. I assume he got his love for Art from me of course. He wants to try it all, but can’t learn it fast enough in school to make him happy. When he asked if he could be my artist of the day I was more then happy to do so. He makes me so proud.

 When I started my novel he decided he wanted to write one too and asked for my help. I will be helping him when I finish my novel. His idea: twins go on a camping trip with their parents and best friend. (No names yet) The twins a girl and boy, all the kids around 12. They go off on their own for a hike, told to stay on the trail while the adults set up camp. What pre-teen would listen to that. Exploring the woods on their own it starts to grow dark. They try to make their way back before their parents start to worry, but just go deeper into the forest. The three come upon the largest tree they have ever seen. They decide to clime the tree to look for camp, hoping they can get there barrings. Half way up they can’t see a thing past the trees in the dark, they clime almost to the top. At this point as the setting sun shins its last bit of light on the tree a strange door appears to them. The three open the door and enter a world beyond their imagination. Will they save this world they stumble into?

 That is all we really have to go by for now, but it was all his idea. I think a very good one at that.

My son has also started writing songs. He needs work of course, but for only 8 years old I think he is amazing!

So here is some photos of his art he wanted me to post for you all. He would love to know what you all think.

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