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Artist of the day 1/31/12


My artist of the day 1/31/12 :
Let me start by saying I am sorry I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I didn’t do a post.

Now this is some very cool photography! I would love to know how he dose it. like the first photo where the person is simultaneously climbing into one frame and out of another. Love photography follow this photographer, I am!


Mars-1 : Afterglow (Trust us online)


Got this from :

Amazing art work. Images seem to pop right off the canvas, with beautiful texture, color, and depth! Go check out more Trust us online has to offer.

Mars-1 : Afterglow from Further Collective on Vimeo.

The power of words!


The power of words is a remarkable thing. Words can save a life, help a friend, hurt the hart, lift your spirits, tear you down, transport you to new worlds, teach you something new. Words are powerful, its all in the way you use them. Choose your words carefully and change the way others think. I found this video very touching, moving me. If you believe in the power words can hold pass this on!

My artist of the day 1/29/12 : My 8 year old son


Artist of the day 1/28/12 : Coffin of a Chimera – 山本 タカト – Takato Yamamoto


Artist of the day 1/28/12 : Coffin of a Chimera – 山本 タカト – Takato Yamamoto

I had never heard of this artist before today, but I have always loved Chines and Japanese artwork. The mix of life and decay is seamless and moving. If this is a form of art you enjoy then the blog this comes from is a must follow! I’m following now! I tried to get more information on the artist but seem to have come up with nothing. Should there be something you can find and would like to share I would love to know.

Stuck in my head (2)


Stuck in my head.

This post is a new poem I wanted to re-blog. I would love more reviews of this peace. Feel free to say what ever you want, I can take criticism.

My artist of the day 1/27/12 :Philippe Shangeti (18 and up)


My artist of the day 1/27/12 : Philippe Shangti (posted by Chicquero originally. Only for 18 and up. This work is wild, sexy, challenging the norm!


French photographer born in Toulouse and living in Saint Tropez Philippe Shangti dares everything with a disconcerting ease, fashion, decoration and photography of course. His work is amazingly flashy and provocative in psychedelic sets! Love the kinda trashy sense of humor, colors and exaggerations… it totally makes me laugh!

“Philippe Shangti has the favour of contemporary art collectors and of celebrities seduced by his crazy photos. Photos which are quoted and printed in limited series.In big size, the work of Philippe Shangti, it’s first the shock of the photos then the surprise of the spectacular directions. After the surprise, various details unveil themselves, like when watching a movie.”

Delight yourselves!

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imagination, our possibilities become limitless.”Jamie Paolinetti


Minimalism is for quitters
Paranoia, hope and fear
Totally breathless!
Let me tell you
It tickles my…

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