Taking on to much


Last night I was up till just a little before one in the morning painting. So far the painting I’m working on is terning out wonderful, If I could find my camera I would add a photo of it. I was a bad artist and neglected it for far to long, But I know why. I just didn’t like the way it was going, and I had other things to work on. I have my book, Helix, and two books I was critiquing, (down to one, I finished what I was given for one.), a sick husband the past few days, and three sons to care for. To say the least my hands are full, to tell the truth I love it. I love my family, taking care of them is important to me. My husband understands at the same time I need to paint and write, it is part of who I am. Getting to critique and being critiqued I like a lot. To help some one polish there own work so they can put out the best book they can makes me feel good, and to get that in return helps me look at my words with new eyes. I have taken on to much, but I wouldn’t be me If I hadn’t. warning to others, watch how much you take on, don’t let your side project get in the way of what is important. Be it family or your work, everything you do is important in one way or another. Sorry this post is so short, but I have somewhere to be with the boys. Plus there is still plenty of day left to blog. Talk to you all soon 🙂


About artfulhelix

I'm a mother to three beautiful boys, 8 years, 2 years, and 1 year old, all there birthdays in April with mine (very busy month). I am a wife to a wonderful man who supports every thing I want to do. I have 10 piercings and 11 tattoos, more tattoos coming soon. I am an artist, painting, tattooing, sculpting (haven't done that for a long time), poetry, and a few small crafts. As an artist I felt writing was the next logical step for me. I am enjoying every minute of it, writing, blogging (never thought I would blog), and critiquing. I not only want to talk about my book and the writing proses, but art in general in my blog. I would like to share a poem I wrote a few years ago, but is so me. I came up with it when a very old woman came up to me on the side walk and said " Do you know you are going to hell?" laughing a little inside I said "No, why am I going to hell?" "Because you have desecrated the lords temple with all your piercings and tattoos!" She looks so serious when she said this. I said "I'm not desecrating, I'm decorating!" well that made her mad of course, and she stomped off. later I wrote this: You look at me that way in disgust and disdain I’m pierced and tattooed I must be insane But who are you to judge when you kneel down and pray Just because our beliefs are not the same We are not so different you and I for we are all the same when we die This is nothing against religion, merely about judgment in general. Can't wait to share more of what I love and who I am.

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