White Faced Capuchin Monkey – Costa Rica


Photography is a beautiful form of art. I love photography! I really like this photographer’s work, he travels and gets lots of grate photos. Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.






White Faced Capuchin Monkey – Costa Rica

Roughly 20% of Costa Rica is set aside as national parks.  This is what makes the country so special.  In fact, while I was traveling through Corcovado National Park in Southern Costa Rica I saw all four species (spider, howler, squirrel, and capuchin) of Costa Rican monkeys in one view.  This little guy was pretty feisty and ran around the canopy tracking our every move.  Capuchins are considered one of the smartest monkeys so many have been used to help out paraplegics in their daily lives.  The ones without training end up organ grinder assistants.  Just kidding!  They are actually Central American “Johnny Appleseeds”.  They travel throughout the forest in troops of 20 or more and they disperse seeds along the way from the berries and fruits they eat.  Poo makes for great fertilizer. 

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