Information overload/ Nuclear war

"The things we are willing to do to each other, the pain we can inflict."

"The things we are willing to do to each other, the pain we can inflict." Nuclear warfare.

So today I have bin working on my prologue. At first I wasn’t going to do one, but one of the people critiquing my work thought it would be good to fallow a couple through a nuclear explosion, or something having to do with the war that started the 1000 year stay underground. I have chosen to do two parts, which I will post at the end of this post.

Needing to describe how the explosion looks, what happens to the surrounding aria and the people in it. Now I have video overload. I know there is a lot of information out, in may forms but holy cow. Type in just a few words and your smacked in the face with a tone of videos and documents. To see the charred bodies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the buildings completely leveled, and the pain of the survivors was hart wrenching.  I watched a video with a man that survived, they had to peal card skin off his back, one of his arms the skin was hanging off, he spent 18 months in the hospital. I watched another video with a son clinging to his father, the both of them dead, their bodies looked mummified.

The thing is there are videos and article about how we are heading for world war III, only with more devastating outcomes.  Are we as a race on the fast track to destruction? Could part of my fiction become reality? What do all of you think? How do you feel about the state of our country? Do you believe we are bound for WWIII, or is it a lot of scared end of the world scenario creeping into the mind of otherwise sane people?

That being said I would love feedback on my prologue, its long so I am only posting the first half. this half isn’t as good as the second half, but I cant give it all away at once can I.

 Helix War of 3031


Mr. President, can I have a moment of your time?” 
Mrs. Pickett knows he wont listen, but she has to 
try one more time.Yes, of course. Give me five minutes.” The 
President is very busy these days. Planing a war,
making shore as many people as passable are safe 
deep under the earth's surface, all while still 
keeping the peace would take a lot out of any man. 
He would have little time for his family if they 
where still home, he barley eats any more, five 
minutes is a lot to ask of him. Grace, this isn't the best time, the Secretary 
of Defense is waiting in my office.”I know, that’s why we are here, this office has 
bin empty for months. I had to come and say good 
bye.” Tears are starting to swell in her eyes. 
He takes a handkerchief from his breast pocket 
dabbing at the tears gently, making shore to not 
mess her makeup.I know, I'm going to miss you too. I can't go 
with you, no matter how many times you ask my 
place is here. Our country needs me, I can't 
just run away from my responsibilities.” 
Fighting back tears of his own, trying to be 
strong for her sake, he holds her close and 
kisses her tenderly.If you stay you could die, I don't wont to 
live in a world without you. If we don't win 
the war I'll never see you again. I'll stay 
here with you, I'll die, I don't care as long 
as I'm with you!” She realizes she has raised 
her voice to much, regaining her composure 
she takes a deep breath. Don't worry about me Grace, I'll be fine. We 
will win the war, and then we can be together 
again. Just give us some time.” He has to lie, 
if he doesn't she will stay and die with him. 
The united stats is out matched, but he is 
going down fighting.If that's true, why can't I stay with you?” 
Her makeup is running now, she can't hold the 
tears back any longer.Grace look at me, you know I love you, and 
that is why you have to go. Put my mind at 
ease and get into the Washington colony. 
With you there safe I can do my job, and 
when it is all over you can come back to me.”I will go my love, just know I leave my hart 
with you.” They kiss, a long and passionate 
kiss reluctant to let go of one another. He 
gives her his monogrammed handkerchief to whip
the tears from her eyes.Hold onto it Grace, you can give it back when
I see you again.”
Kissing him one more time, straitening her 
jacket and smoothing her hair she go's to the
 door. She stops for just a moment with her 
hand on the doorknob, but she knows she has 
to go,if she terns around she will stay, she 
needs to make it to the colony 
before the doors close.
He stands in the hallway watching her leave,
his hart pulling at him to fallow her. He 
knows he will never see her again, or his 
wife and kids, but it is his duty to stay 
and fight with the others, and die like a 
true soldier.

About artfulhelix

I'm a mother to three beautiful boys, 8 years, 2 years, and 1 year old, all there birthdays in April with mine (very busy month). I am a wife to a wonderful man who supports every thing I want to do. I have 10 piercings and 11 tattoos, more tattoos coming soon. I am an artist, painting, tattooing, sculpting (haven't done that for a long time), poetry, and a few small crafts. As an artist I felt writing was the next logical step for me. I am enjoying every minute of it, writing, blogging (never thought I would blog), and critiquing. I not only want to talk about my book and the writing proses, but art in general in my blog. I would like to share a poem I wrote a few years ago, but is so me. I came up with it when a very old woman came up to me on the side walk and said " Do you know you are going to hell?" laughing a little inside I said "No, why am I going to hell?" "Because you have desecrated the lords temple with all your piercings and tattoos!" She looks so serious when she said this. I said "I'm not desecrating, I'm decorating!" well that made her mad of course, and she stomped off. later I wrote this: You look at me that way in disgust and disdain I’m pierced and tattooed I must be insane But who are you to judge when you kneel down and pray Just because our beliefs are not the same We are not so different you and I for we are all the same when we die This is nothing against religion, merely about judgment in general. Can't wait to share more of what I love and who I am.

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