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Sorry my artist of the week is a day late. Please visit the artist and let them know what you think. I love the detail, and its all in pen and its not easy to do that.


Rewrite and Rewright again


I have bin working hard on my book Helix, rewriting and rewriting again. I redid my first chapter, which had no dialog at all. The rewrite terned out well and its better, only its still all explanatory. Before I have finished with the rewrite of my first chapter keeping  with the theme I started with, telling the reader what happened to get the story to this point i.e. the war, I decided to take some of the advice I was given and write the first chapter with dialog and show instead of tell. At this point I am happy with this rewrite, I have changed some major parts of my book, but in doing so I have added so much as well. I have conflict where before there was none, the new first chapter just works better then the old one. I want to share part of that rewrite with you, so here it goes:

“Ready?” Jessie whispers even softer then I had.

“Lets go.” we walk in his direction. He can see us coming, looking right at me he smiles and raps his hand around one of the girl’s neck. I sent out a pulse of energy as a warning and he tightened his grip. Picking up my pace I slip behind him one arm around his throat and my legs constricting his chest. I’m lighter therefore faster, and flexible two.   I take my right hand and place it on his face, I start to tern up the heat. “You want to tell me what you think you are doing. Let go of the girl.” I don’t play games.

“Do you know what you are doing, you aren’t commander yet, maybe never will be.” I make my grip a little tighter and he lets go of the girl, I won’t let go yet though.

“So you think you can threaten me. You don’t stand a chance against me.” His skin is turning red under my hand, soon I will burn his flesh to the point of scaring, right now it’s only like a sun burn.

“There will be a time for that my beautiful and deadly woman.” He said with such lust in is voice, a chill ran down my spine in disgust.   Removing my hand I flip off of his back with my hands on his shoulders to stand in front of him.

“I suggest you and you’re scum lackeys go back to master and leave the humans alone.”

“Yes of course, but one day sexy you and I will see who is stronger.” They walk away, the girls are long gone by this point. That Rex is disgusting and a pig, He hates humans. I can’t stand to be around him, and I swear he picks some of these fights with me. I have never done a thing to make him think I feel any thing but contempt for him, still he thinks we have some kind of chemistry.

The Shepherd Inevitably Consumes the Flock


Wow this is amazing, the detail is incredible. It isn’t something I would keep in my house, but art is supposed to make you think, and this makes you think. tell me what you think about this peace I stumbled upon.

Chai Kadai

Brilliant wood-art by A J Fosik. This is our favourite:

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Christmas poem


so I wrote this poem this morning, its rough but I like it. I need some critiquing on the poem so feel free to tell me what you think, I can take it lol. I wrote this poem in like 5 minutes so I Need to work on it, but it never hurts to share.

When snow falls and the air is chilly

When winter comes and we all get silly

We work all year and do our part

We’ve bin good for goodness sake

As children yell “its time to wake”

Has Santa come and gone again

Run and see presents under the tree

The kids so thrilled we laugh and sing

Its Christmas day its come again

I’m glad to share it with you my friend

SO I know some of it doesn’t work but tell me what you think.

Marry Christmas from ArtfulHelix and family

My new painting


I was asked to do this painting, but its not quite what she needed. What do you think, what do you like or dislike about it?

San Clemente Pier Sunset – San Clemente, CA


My artist of the week! Check out the other photos, amazing work, amazing photography!


San Clemente Pier Sunset – San Clemente, CA

This was one of those days where you force yourself to go out and take pictures.  I am glad I did because as usual I was pleasantly surprised.  I photographed the pier from dozens of angles from about an hour before sunset to a half hour after sunset.  This extra half hour of twilight  is really the most spectacular time for these types of sky shots.  Living at the beach, I see dozens of people each night watching the sunset over the pacific and then as soon they hear the sizzle (sun disappearing into the ocean of course) they turn around and go home.  If you have a camera the next thirty minutes is when the sky changes from bright yellow to dark purple and every color in between.  The HDR technique is perfect for these high contrast shots so remember…

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